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Get Involved at Foundation

At Foundation Church, we are committed to sound biblical preaching and teaching, but we also serve our communities and gather weekly in homes across the area for the purpose of disciple-making and growing in Christ together. We believe wholeheartedly that each Christian's personal walk with Christ depends greatly on his or her surrounding community of believers. We gather to pray, study, and serve together weekly. Stay tuned here for upcoming Foundation home groups and other ministries where you may be interested in getting involved.

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The Persecuted Church

Foundation Church meets monthly in members' homes to learn more about the persecuted church and to pray for those brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ who presently endure persecution in one form or another. Stay connected about the times and places of these gatherings, as they vary from month to month depending on which member is hosting the meeting.

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Elmcroft Assisted Living Ministry

The Elmcroft ministry at Foundation Church is something we participate in the fourth Sunday of every month at a local assisted living facility in the Pensacola area. We lead a short worship service and spend some time with the elderly folks in the facility. They love to have visitors and love to see smiling faces! It is a great joy to minister to them. Get involved!

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Read Through the Epistles

One of our families opens their home on Sunday evenings to read through a New Testament epistle aloud as a group in one sitting. The early church read the Scriptures aloud almost exclusively, and our Sunday evening gathering continues that tradition for the upbuilding of the church. Join us as we prayerfully read, hear, and discuss God's Word.

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